It's the in-built know how that makes our products special…

Masterpiece "Bell Window", pulvinate

Dished Round Arch Window
(Prototype window for Grand Hotel Taschenbergpalais Dresden, Germany)

Prototype Window for the Residency of the Ambassador of the United Arabic Emirates in Berlin-Grunewald, Germany.
(includes special security solution)

Feasability Study to find a solution for different window shapes within one window. Here: A round inside and a rectangular/square outside elevation. (Outside elevation invisable on this image)
Glazing: Ug = 1,1 W/Km˛
Hardware: Roto NT Royal

Front Door
3 Dimenional Heavy Duty hinges are used on our doors which enables full adjustment of the door in any direction. This is especially helpful when seasonable adjustment is required. Adjustment is possible horizontally and vertically in either direction and also in and out on the gasket.

Special customer requirement: Most possible slender casement frame

Special customer requirement: Cross and Blow Bar rebuilt as existing

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